A Dream Indeed.

BLKGLD.’s very own Toyota 86


A Blank Canvas…

Established in 2008, BLKGLD. became the spark to a developing creative business providing photography and videography services. In 2013 we opened our first office location in Long Beach, CA that serves as our studio and creative space. As entrepreneurs and natural born creatives, we seek inspiration in things we are passionate about. All of our creative projects are an extension of ourselves.

As our business grows, our goal is to take our creative endeavors to the next level. Being avid car enthusiasts, we dreamt of having our own project car that would fuel our desire to create photos and videos with a blank canvas. We knew that the Toyota 86 would be a perfect fit.

With months of planning and research during the release of the face-lifted GT86, we purchased our own company vehicle. What had started as just a creative concept became a reality! Every artist needs inspiration, and ours is the car culture and the brands that make it.

Our goal is to bring value to automotive lifestyle brands and manufacturers by creating photo and video content that inspires and motivates consumers and passionate automotive enthusiasts. BLKGLD86 will embody our company values: passion, creativity and teamwork.


Exterior - Black (Raven D4S) - Stock

Engine - Naturally-Aspirated Subaru FA20 - Stock

Transmission - 6 Speed Manual Gearbox - Stock

Exhaust - UEL Header + Cat-back system

Suspension - Stock + Aftermarket Lowering Springs

Our Contributors.

Thermal R&D - Cat-Back Exhaust System

Private Label MFG - Unequal Length Exhaust Header

Funfzehn Automotive - Installation and Service